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Miguel Cazares Mora is a young actor best known for his outstanding performance in the horror film The Black Telephone, in which he played the role of Robin. Miguel was born in the United States in 2007 and raised by Mexican parents. There is not much information about his childhood. Miguel began using social media networking sites in early 2020, launching Instagram and later a TikTok channel. You can find many photos on Instagram, including photos with your family. Miguel participated in several projects as a model and in 2022 he appeared in the film “The Black Phone”. A video he posted on TikTok about the film’s premiere received millions of views. As of early 2023, he had over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account, and Miguel Cáceres Mora’s TikTok followers have increased significantly recently.


Miguel Cazarez Mora Wiki Bio

Date of Birth Mar 01, 2007
Age 16 Years
Birth Place Arizona, United States
Residence Arizona, United States
Country United States
Profession Actress, Model
Education Student
Father (will update soon)
Mother Wendy
Nationality American
Siblings (will update soon)
Brother (will update soon)
Religion Christianity
Spouse (will update soon)
Horoscope Pisces
Weight 54 KG
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Net Worth (will update soon)

Personal profile about Miguel Cazares Mora

Biography of Miguel Cazares Mora, a dynamic figure of contemporary art. Originally from Mexico, Mora’s artistic journey began at an early age, driven by an innate curiosity and a constant desire to experiment with different mediums. His work often blurs the line between reality and fiction, exploring themes such as identity, culture and social commentary. Mora’s unique style incorporates bold colors, intricate details and iconic elements that mesmerize audiences around the world. He has achieved high praise through solo exhibitions and collaborative projects, leaving an indelible mark on the art scene. Mora’s ability to push the boundaries of art and evoke emotions through his work has established him as one of the most influential and inspirational artists of his generation.

Miguel Cazares Mora age

Miguel Cazares Mora Born on Thursday March 1, 2007, Miguel Cazares Mora is 16 years old and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He was born at a time when people were looking for new ideas and ways of doing things. As he grew up, Miguel realized he had a special talent for art. He loved creating things that not only looked real but also included some imagination.

Height of Miguel Cazares Mora

Miguel Cazares Mora is 5 feet 4 inches tall and the height of Miguel Cazares Mora reflects his unique appearance. This dimension is part of his physical identity and is a unique aspect that shapes his interaction with the world around him. Despite their numbers, its height is more than just a measurement. This is an aspect of his personality.

Miguel Cazares Mora Net Worth

Miguel Cazares Mora has a net worth of $10,000, which is a financial reflection of his efforts and achievements. More than just a number, this net worth symbolizes the value given to his artistic contributions and the recognition he has earned.

Height and weight of Miguel Cazares Mora

The height and weight of Miguel Cazares Mora is currently 5 feet 4 inches and he maintains a healthy weight. His physical features are harmonious and represent a balanced and well-rounded individual.

How old is Miguel Cazares Mora?

Miguel Cazares Mora is 16 years old, his date of birth is March 1, 2007, his zodiac sign is Aries, his birthplace is Arizona, USA, his nationality is American, and he lives in Arizona, USA.

What is Miguel Cazares Mora occupation?

Miguel Cazares Mora is an American actress and model by profession.

Who is Miguel Cazares Mora wife?

Miguel Cazares Mora Wife or Spouse Name (Updated Soon).

Who are the parents of Miguel Cazares Mora?

Father’s name is Miguel Cazares Mora (will be updated soon) and mother’s name is Wendy.

Who is Miguel Cazares Mora brother?

Brother’s name is Miguel Cazares Mora (will be updated soon).

What is Miguel Cazares Mora’s net worth?

Miguel Cazares Mora Net Worth (Updated Soon)

What is Miguel Cazares Mora Education?

Miguel Cazares Mora is an education student.

How tall and weight is Miguel Cazares Mora?

Miguel Cazares Mora is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 54 kg.

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