Mere Humsafar Drama Series Story, Episodes, Cast, Actors Name Salary, Timing, Release Date

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Feature Value
Genre Drama
Star Cast Hania Amir, Farhan Saeed, Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Samina Ahmed, Alyy Khan, Zoya Nasir, Angeline Malik, Hoorain Lyka Ali
Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed
Written by Saira Raza
Producers Humayun Saeed, Shehzad Naseeb
Production companies Six Sigma Plus, MD Productions
Country Pakistan
Channel ARY Digital
Original release December 30, 2021
Day Monday to Friday (5 Days in a week)

Story of Mere Humsafar Drama Series

Hala’s father, Nafees, abandons her as a small child in Pakistan because his new European bride refuses to care for their past union’s child. Raees, her father’s eldest brother; Shah Jahan, his wife; and Sofia, another brother’s wife torture Hala, who was formerly loved by her father but later abandoned. She grows into an innocent girl who is continually mistreated, and the only family members who provide her with even the smallest amount of consolation are her grandma and her younger uncle, Jalees. Raees never lets her father speak to her and instead lies to him about her. She is head over heels in love with Khurram, Shafaq’s cousin. Raees plans to marry Hala to Naveed, a mentally ill employee. Later, Hala’s cousin Hamza destroys her marriage, questioning how she could possibly live with such a man.

Mere Humsafar Drama Cast Name, Pictures Salary, Remuneration & Net Worth

Some of the main characters of the actors and actresses of the web series are as follows:

1. Hania Amir

Real Name Hania Amir
Salary Per Episode Rs. 3 lakh +
Net Worth $1-5 million (estimated)
Instagram @haniaheheofficial

2. Angeline Malik

Real Name Angeline Malik
Salary Per Episode Rs. 30,000+
Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Instagram @angelinemalikofficial

3. Zoya Nasir

Real Name Zoya Nasir
Salary Per Episode Rs. 25k +
Net Worth $3 million (estimated)
Instagram @zoyanasir

4. Alyy Khan

Real Name Alyy Khan
Salary Per Episode Rs. 30k +
Net Worth $3 million (estimated)
Instagram @alyykhanofficial

5. Amir Qureshi

Real Name Amir Qureshi
Salary Per Episode Rs. 35k +
Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Instagram @aamirqureshi.official

6. Tara Mahmood

Real Name Tara Mahmood
Salary Per Episode Rs. 25k +
Net Worth $14 million (estimated)
Instagram @tararara247

7. Samina Ahmed

Real Name Samina Ahmed
Salary Per Episode Rs. 25k to 50k +
Net Worth $15 million (estimated)
Instagram @samina_tv

8. Waseem Abbas

Real Name Waseem Abbas
Salary Per Episode Rs. 50k +
Net Worth $14 million (estimated)
Instagram @waseem_abbas

Saba Hameed

Real Name Saba Hameed
Salary Per Episode Rs. 50k +
Net Worth $14 million (estimated)
Instagram @sabahamid_21

10. Farhan Saeed

Real Name Farhan Saeed
Salary Per Episode Rs. 50k +
Net Worth $14 million (estimated)
Instagram @farhan_saeed

Review of the Mere Humsafar Drama Series

The interactions between Shahjahan and Khurram are very noteworthy. Although these two bad people are not yet ready to trust one other, they work together to end Hala’s life. Thankfully, Hala’s pregnancy was uninjured as a result of her stairwell mishap. Hala must at the very least argue for her child now that she is aware of Tayee’s party with Khurram. We’ve gotten tired of seeing Hala cry all the time since her whimpering makes us uncomfortable. She should muster the courage to speak up for herself.

Hala is always crying, and it appears that, in addition to us, Hamza is sick of hearing her moan. Hamza has compassionately asked Hala why she is crying, which provides her with an excellent opportunity to tell Hamza everything about her background. Hala, on the other hand, chooses to remain mute, which appears to have irritated Hamza. Although Rumi is adorable, her moments lack logic, and I believe the exaggeration of her scene in the kitchen is excessive.

We can’t wait to see how the sassy, eye-rolling child evolves into a naive and timid Hala as the story jumps in time in the upcoming episode.

Mere humsafar television show trailer


Q1. Where can I watch Humsafar series?

Ans: Humsafar is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and MX Player.

Q2. Is my soul mate gone?

Ans: Mere Humsafar has already ended. It aired from December 30, 2021 to September 29, 2022 on ARY Digital.

Q3. What happens in the final episode of Mere Humsafar?

Ans: Hala and Hamza get married and move to Australia.

Q4. How many episodes are there in Mere Humsafar?

Ans: There are 40 episodes in Mere Humsafar.

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