Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Mother and Her Story

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Gypsy. Up until Gypsy set up her lover to kill Rose Blanchard’s mother in 2015, Dee Dee Blanchard made up the story that her daughter was ill.

Gypsy. Growing up, Rose Blanchard witnessed her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, making exaggerated claims about her health, which led to a string of alarming diagnoses and procedures. But Gypsy’s mother had been lying to her about her symptoms, so she wasn’t genuinely sick. According to experts, Dee Dee’s actions were caused by the mental disease known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy; wanting to be a caregiver, Dee Dee pretended to be unwell in order to make her daughter feel better. It was not until 2015 that Gypsy plotted for her internet boyfriend to kill Dee Dee that the truth about Gypsy and her mother became public.

Dee Dee started acting like Gypsy was sick when Gypsy was a newborn.

When Gypsy Rose was a baby, in 1991, Dee Dee said that her daughter experienced sleep apnea. Dee Dee said Gypsy had muscular dystrophy and leukemia when she was eight years old. She also said Gypsy needed a feeding tube and a wheelchair. Dee Dee continued to detail her daughter’s medical issues, which included hearing and vision abnormalities, asthma, and convulsions.

Because of Dee Dee’s behavior, Gypsy was given a lengthy range of prescription medications and had to use a breathing machine to fall asleep. She also had numerous surgeries, including ones to remove glands and operate on her eyes. When Gypsy’s teeth started to decay—possibly from drugs, lack of salivary glands, or neglect—they were pulled.

In actuality, however, Gypsy was cancer-free, able to walk, and did not require a feeding tube. It wasn’t until her mother shaved her hair that she had a bald head. Munchausen syndrome by proxy, also known as factitious disorder imposed on another, is a mental illness that experts believe Dee Dee experienced. This condition caused her to create her daughter’s illness in order to get sympathy and attention for caring for a sick child.

People trusted Dee Dee because she gave the impression of being a charming, loving mother.

Dee Dee would no longer see any doctors who cast doubt on Gypsy’s findings, even though medical tests frequently produced conflicting or ambiguous results. And a lot of Dee Dee’s caretakers followed her wishes. Having completed some nursing training, she was able to precisely characterize Gypsy’s symptoms and occasionally administered medication to simulate specific diseases. Additionally endearing and seemingly committed to her daughter was Dee Dee. Dee Dee told Gypsy not to divulge any information during their visits when she was old enough to speak, and she was always the one who told Gypsy’s fictitious medical history.

Gypsy’s father Rod Blanchard was informed by Dee Dee that his daughter had a chromosomal abnormality, which was the cause of many of Gypsy’s health problems. He gave Dee Dee kudos for her loving attention. Dee Dee and Gypsy moved away when some of Dee Dee’s family inquired about Gypsy’s apparent lack of need for a wheelchair.

Relocating from Louisiana to Missouri in 2005, Dee Dee and Gypsy were helped by others, who said they were victims of Hurricane Katrina. Dee Dee kept taking Gypsy to doctor’s appointments there. Medical file loss was also explained by Hurricane Katrina.

Dee Dee started lying about Gypsy’s age and continued to say she was sickly even when Gypsy was a teenager.

Gypsy and Dee Dee relocated to Springfield, Missouri, in 2008. It has a wheelchair ramp and was painted pink, built by Habitat for Humanity. Benefits for Gypsy and Dee Dee also included charity-sponsored trips to Disney World and concerts. Dee Dee had been enjoying the recognition she got for being such a good caregiver all along.

Gypsy visited a Missouri neurologist when she was fourteen, and the doctor concluded that Gypsy was a Munchausen syndrome via proxy victim. This doctor, however, never informed the authorities of her situation. He expressed his opinion that there wasn’t enough proof to take action in subsequent interviews. Authorities received an anonymous report in 2009 claiming that Dee Dee’s descriptions of Gypsy’s illnesses were unfounded medically. Two caseworkers visited their home as a result, but Dee Dee persuaded them that everything was fine.

Dee Dee started lying to Gypsy about her age as she grew older; she even changed the dates on Gypsy’s birth certificate to make her daughter appear younger. Still, Gypsy was getting more difficult for Dee Dee to manage.

Gypsy persuaded to kill Dee Dee a man she met online.

In an attempt to escape her mother, Gypsy fled in 2011 together with a man she had met at a science fiction conference. However, Dee Dee found them quickly through common friends. Even though Gypsy was actually 19 at the time, she persuaded the man that she was a minor. When they got back home, Gypsy said that Dee Dee had forcibly tied her to her bed and damaged her computer. Gypsy also mentioned that occasionally, her mother would slap her and refuse to give her food.

Gypsy eventually succeeded in connecting again. Nicholas Godejohn was the person she met when she joined a Christian dating website. After informing him of her mother’s misdeeds, she begged him to kill Dee Dee so they could be together. He went to her residence in June 2015 and stabbed Dee Dee while Gypsy was waiting in the toilet with her ears muffled.


Godejohn and Gypsy went back to his Wisconsin house, where they were discovered by the authorities. Gypsy had written, “That b–– is dead!” on her mother’s Facebook page twice in the past. She subsequently clarified that she wanted her mother’s body to be found, which is why she created the posts.

Gypsy felt she “didn’t have anyone to trust” and was “afraid.”

Many of the people who had known Gypsy wondered why she had gone to such far as to murder Dee Dee after her death. She could have easily stood up in public and revealed Dee Dee’s lies because she was able to walk. Gypsy, though, had been trained to believe that nobody would take her seriously. “I couldn’t just jump out of the wheelchair because I was afraid and I didn’t know what my mother would do,” she said in her explanation. I have no one to put my trust in.

The truth was that Gypsy had lived her whole life under her mother’s supervision and control. She was prohibited from attending school. Gypsy had normal intelligence, but Dee Dee claimed her kid had a seven-year-old mental age. Dee Dee always held Gypsy’s hand while they were out in public, pinching it when her daughter needed to be quiet.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy specialist Dr. Marc Feldman described Gypsy’s life and behavior as “totally controlled in the same sense that control of a kidnapped victim can occasionally be total.” Her daughter was effectively held captive, and I believe that we may see the later crime in terms of a hostage attempting to free herself.

Gypsy finds Dee Dee’s passing to be “not happy.”

Gypsy’s attorney was able to work out a plea agreement for her since her medical records showed the extent of the torture Gypsy had endured; in 2016, Gypsy entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder. Although she was given a ten-year prison term, she is expected to be released in December. 2018 saw Godejohn’s conviction for first-degree murder and his life sentence.

Gypsy claims that she didn’t understand the full scope of her mother’s deceit until after Dee Dee passed away. Gypsy had thought she had leukemia even though she knew she could walk and eat normal meals.

Gypsy is doing well today. She has also claimed that her life in prison offers her greater freedom than her life with Dee Dee. She responded, “I’m glad that I’m out of that situation, but I’m not happy she’s dead,” to Dr. Phil’s question about whether she was relieved her mother had passed away.

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